Our Company has more than 30 years experience at domestic and foreign markets in producing “Steel Granary Storages” with modern and latest technology and professional team.

Our factory, that locates in Adana- the 4th biggest city of Turkey, has 30.000 m2 closed area where we produce steel granary storages and its side productions. We install them on turnkey base including construction and installation.
Our mission – to increase the attractiveness of the agricultural sector in Turkey and in the World due to the development and improvement of grain storage and processing in our country with the best of domestic developments and emerging technologies.

The philosophy of business “GRAMERSAN Silos Steel Production” is based on an innovative approach to all activities. Working in the market with high competition, the company won a leading position through active management, the introduction of new technologies and innovative solutions.
A wide range of engineering, technology and innovative nature of our business in modern conditions is a guarantee of stability of the company’s business.


Company “GRAMERSAN Silos Steel Production” has extensive experience designing and construction of various facilities for the storage of crops. Agricultural enterprises need not only the construction of facilities for processing the crop, but also need the construction of silos. Such objects can be counted not only for temporary, but also for long-term presence of plant material.


This type of container is the most common, because it provides the best conditions for long-term maintenance of the finished product. Silos – is a strong construction made of galvanized steel, which provide protection for

processed crops from the adverse effects of the environment, from birds and rodents. This barn is designed for virtually all types of crops, animal feed, as well as cereals and seeds.
Our company sets up silos of different volumes, guarantees quality and longevity of constructed facilities.

“GRAMERSAN Silos Steel Production” has more than 30 years of successful experience in storage technologies, and offers products and services that enjoying high demand from farmers, large grain producers, companies that exporting and importing grain, flour mills, companies that engaged in animal husbandry in the old quarter of the CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova), on the continents of North and South America (U.S., Canada, Argentina, and Paraguay), Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Iran,Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates  and Syria),  Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Holland) and to the regions of Turkey. Our company exports steel silos in more than 20 different countries.

Since the cultivation of grain is the basis of most households, the issues of preservation of the harvested crop, as in large volumes and in smaller quantities is always relevant for each of them. In this case, each household requires an individual approach, taking into account the peculiarities of the household and the volume of the harvest. “GRAMERSAN Silos Steel Production” builds storage facilities on a turnkey basis, has a large number of implemented projects, therefore, and has a great experience in this sphere of activity. In the company the special importance is devoted to the technology of grain storage of silo type granaries, as they are perfect for storage of different crops, with a weight up to 800 kg/m3.
Therefore, for households that need grain storage, our company is ready to offer the best possible solutions.

Possibility of storage of grain, representing a competitive advantage for the customer:

1.The capacity of one silos from 25 to 12 000 tones;
2.Active ventilation and thermometry;
3.Complex cleaning and drying of grain;
4.Loading and unloading on the auto and railway transport with a weight into account;
5.Long-term grain storage without loss and reduction in quality;
6.Minimization of storage costs;

In designing such objects we consider all Turkish norms and international standards. Storage device represents prefabricated metal structure silo type of galvanized steel, corrugated sheet and supporting elements of the bent structures with conical roof and a bottom, conical or flat bottom of the concrete, or aeration bottom, equipped with built-in unloading conveyors and channels.

Silos, if customer desires, can be assured of grain aeration systems and temperature control of stored product with the ability to determine the height of the mound of grain. Providing reliable protection for the stored product from weather, rodents and birds.

In addition to a reliable and long-term storage of certified seeds and the possibility of temporary, with ventilation and cooling, and long-term storage of grain with high moisture content at minimal cost and losses, silo type granary can perform the following operations with the grain:

1. Perform temperature control of stored grain;
2. Cool the grain mass and finally dry it at low temperatures;
3. Perform work on decontamination and disinfestations of grain silo construction;
4. Accept, store and unload grain;
5. Take samples of grain;
6. Control the level of the upper part of the grain mound.

If necessary, the design of such a silo can be made by individual order, taking into account such requirements or parameters that are essential to the customer. Special designs will provide uniform loading of the product inside the store as it is required.

Our proposals cover both the entire cycle of services to create such structures, and at certain stages of construction, depending on the willingness and capacity of the customer.

I mean that “GRAMERSAN Silos Steel Production” can perform or design the complete set of the work, or the installation and commissioning work, or all of these work in conjunction with the delivery of an object on a turnkey basis.

Individual work with each customer, a clear and high quality performance of all conditions of the order, the shortest possible time frame – the distinguishing features of our company that we are proud of.

We also costructing Flour and Feed Mills on turn key basis with the latest technology and professional team.

We are ready to provide you with a comprehensive business proposal to build a granary silo type on a turnkey basis, based on your requirements, which includes equipment specifications, process flow and contingency plan for the location of the complex. For orders or additional information, please contact us directly or send us an electronic information request form. We look forward to meeting your business needs:


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