Owner of the GRAMERSAN Steel Silos Agriculture Construction LTD Co. Murat OZTURK; has a production of vegetables and fruits in 5000 acres and grain production on 200 hectars  in the most agricultural area of Turkey  in “CUKUROVA”.

Our company until this days dealing in agricultural sector because before our ansectors do these job, therefore, in agricultural sector we are producing and doing these products; Steel Silos Plants and contents, Flour and Feed Mills, Greenhouses, Livestock houses,  export of clan cattles from US, Export of organic fruits and vegetables to Europe and another countries. Especialy our company working seriously with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan countries.

Our company’s aim is in all these sectors we want to find partners in domestic and abroad to colaborate together and to give best price offers and high quality products by making import – export and to surve claimants by the best way.

Best Regards,


Chairman of the board of Directors

GRAMERSAN Steel Silos Agriculture Construction LTD Co.