This company is a company based in Ankara. Our company has made distributorship of the USA Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions company in Turkey and 12 countries for 5 years. In 2006, to meet the increasing demand as well as imported dyes, it started to produce them in its own factory in Ankara. Gramersan & Original Thermal Paint is a company that produces fire-retardant paints (BS, EN, GOST Certified) and heat-insulated paints (according to ASTM Standards) as certified products. In addition, construction paints and industrial paints also produce high quality products. GRAMERSAN & ORGINAL AR-GE utilizes micro ceramic bead technology to produce heat insulation paint. Micro-ceramic beads are similar to a hollow small ball and do not burn or react. It is resistant to 280 Kg / cm2 pressure and it softens at about 1800 °C. No gas is present in the microspheres. Since there is no substance in the vacuum according to the laws of physics, no effect can pass through the vacuum through the conduction. When micro-spheres are mixed into the paint with this feature, they form a film strip on the surface, getting closer to each other as they are lighter than the paint. After the surface has dried, micro-ceramic spheres with internal vacuum minimize the heat transfer on the surface thanks to their construction. Micro Ceramic Spherical additive paints reflect 90% of sun rays and 85% of ultraviolet rays.

Most of our AR-GE work has been approved by leading companies in the defense industry in our country, and some of them are still working. In addition, we have been approved by AR-GE Energy Market Supervisory Authority (EPDK) for paint coatings that we produce regarding heat insulation of transformers. As the applications are made, large amounts of energy losses are avoided and the transformer life is prolonged and thus billions of Turkish liras contribute to the country’s economy.